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Revenue Sharing Simplified

Sellstate’s revolutionary AAD Program adds the ability for agents to earn additional income through revenue sharing.
Last year, our monthly AAD payout average was over $1,200. Are you getting your share?

$1,684.00 AAD Payout Average For May $30,462.25 Top AAD Earner
$1,328.31 AAD Payout Average for April $23,441.11 Top AAD Earner
$1,297.97 AAD Payout Average for March $28,864.88 Top AAD Earner
$1,026.70 AAD Payout Average for February $18,480.95 Top AAD Earner
$1,039.72 AAD Payout Average for January $17,308.93 Top AAD Earner


  • »Nothing like it in the industry
  • »Earn additional income
  • »5% sponsoring bonus
  • »Earn financial independence


  • »Have peace of mind
  • »Disability insurance
  • »Health care
  • »Earn if you don’t have a closing


  • »AAD monthly payout average is around $ 1,200
  • »The program is vested
  • »Finally have a retirement plan
  • »Enjoy your rewards from your career
Start Earning Your Share Today !

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