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3 Best Tips for Your Agent Interview

Finally, your campaigns and prospecting calls are starting to pay off and you have secured an interview with a prospective recruit! This is a tremendous opportunity, and it should not be taken lightly. Continue reading for our tips that should be taken prior to and during the interview to help set you up for success.

1. Do your research.

First, if you have not done so already, gather as much information as you can about the prospect. If possible, perform a search on your local MLS to learn this prospect’s production, as it will provide you with valuable information for your interview.

For example, if the agent is not as productive as they should be, your office’s valuable training program will be of greater interest to them. However, a top producing agent wouldn’t want to complete a training program, but new technology or team building efforts could pique their interest.

2. Prepare your office.

Next, prepare your office space. Ensure that the office is free of clutter and all the material you will need for your interview is readily available. Also, your personal appearance reflects on your office’s professionalism—if the interview falls on your casual Friday, maybe stick with your business wear. In addition to this, give your front desk administrator a heads up so they’re expecting your prospective recruit.

Once the recruit arrives for the interview, ask your front desk administrator to hold your calls. It’s a simple gesture, but it reinforces to the potential agent that you’re taking this prospecting seriously. Spend a few minutes establishing rapport to break the ice; be careful though, you don’t want to spend too much time on idle conversation! Then, start asking a few questions that will help you understand exactly what they’re looking for. Learning about their motivation for switching offices will help you more effectively promote your office to them.

Examples of the questions you should be asking are: “What do you enjoy about your existing brokerage?” or “What would you change about your current office?”

These questions will provide you with extremely valuable information about the motivation of your prospect, and the answers will help you continue to improve your own business.

3. Stick to your presentation.

Without a doubt, your prospect will ask about your commission structure. It’s likely that you’ll be asked this before you’ve had a chance to describe all the benefits of your company. In this way, an agent interview is similar to a listing presentation: the seller (agent) wants to know how much you charge prior to hearing your value proposition.

Of course, you can’t just ignore the question. One way to answer might be, “I can assure you that you would be pleased with our commission structure, but first let’s discuss how you could start exceeding your earnings.” Choose your language carefully and be natural.

Ultimately, your goal is to finish your entire presentation. If you don’t describe all your company has to offer in a specific and exciting way, the agent won’t find any benefit in switching to your office. Consider asking agents on your team to help you close a recruit, especially if your agents will benefit from it. If your team assists you, conduct an interview preparation process with them, too.

Final Notes

To conclude, remember practice makes perfect. Keep practicing your interview and use these tips to set yourself up for success. By knowing your company’s value proposition, researching the agent, and preparing your office and interview, you will be set up for a fantastic agent interview.