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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

New Year Fireworks

Have a Positive Attitude

Your attitude will make or break you. A positive attitude will help you see opportunities and overcome obstacles. Your attitude influences all of your decisions in every aspect of your life and can give you the confidence needed to grow your business. If you don’t have the right attitude going into this year then you’ve already put yourself at a tremendous disadvantage.

Develop your Annual Business Action Plan

Improve your chances of success by having a plan. If you were to ask the most successful real estate agents their keys to success, nearly all of them would tell you that having a written business plan is instrumental to their results. Take some time right now to develop your Annual Business Action Plan. Your plan should cover budgeting, goal setting, action steps, marketing strategies, and more. Sellstate agents have access to an Annual Business Action Plan Development manual on

Get Better Connected

Communication is essential to building and growing your business. A cell phone and email address are not enough anymore. To stay connected with as many people as possible, you need to be active on social networks (like Facebook) or perhaps even write a blog. The more ways you communicate with past, current, and potential clients, the more business you will generate. It seems simple enough, but believe it or not, many real estate agents overlook this basic step. If you are new to social media, you may read more about Facebook for real estate on our blog.

Take Advantage of Resources

Resources are all around you. One mistake that many agents make is not taking advantage of the resources that are available to them. Take a good look at what’s available to you. Do you have access to office meetings and training sessions? Is educational material available to you online? What speakers will be appearing at local venues? If you look around I’m sure that you will find a plethora of material available to you at little or no cost. Be sure to look into these offerings and leverage them to increase your business.

Sellstate members have the benefit of accessing at their convenience and in many location around the country, attend workshops hosted by Sellstate President Neil Cresswell.

Manage Your Time More Effectively

Time management and balancing between work and your personal life is crucial to your success. It is equally important to realize that schedules don’t always work out as planned. When organizing your year, be sure to leave time slots available to catch up on any activities that may be falling behind.

When it comes to daily tasks, be sure to block off time for checking email, social networking, prospecting, and personal time. Email alone can eat up most of your day if you’re not careful or don’t have a plan for how to handle incoming messages.

Scheduling personal time should not be overlooked. By having time slots for you to do non work related activities, you will better be able to relax during those times knowing that everything else is being taken care of or is already scheduled to be taken care of. Many experts also believe that scheduling your vacations for the year up front help with productivity as you have something to look forward to. The other benefit to this is that we tend to be most productive in the days leading up to time away from work. By having vacations written down in advance, you will actually see your productivity increase.

There are many useful tools to help you stay organized. Google Calendar is a really easy to use, cloud-based calendar system that syncs easily with mobile devices.

Final Words

If you take these 5 steps into account when planning out your New Year, you will see tremendous improvements in your business. Good luck and may you have the best year of your life!

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