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The 5 Steps To Successful Selling: April 2015 Book of the Month


Our Book for April is written by Zig Ziglar, a great American author, salesman and motivational speaker. Ziglar’s novel, The 5 Steps to Successful Selling, provides details on how to become a better salesperson regardless of experience level.


You’ve heard about “natural-born salespeople” — those salespeople who seem to perform intuitively and effortlessly. In 5 Steps to Successful Selling, Zig Ziglar shows you that success results from study and observation rather than inborn talent. Now you can master those techniques and perfect your own selling skills — skills that will take you from being a good salesperson to being the best.

-Prospecting: identifying who can and will buy
-Presenting: knowing the product and showing it effecitvely
-Closing: winning the sale
-Follow-up: maintaining customer contact
-Positive self-image: the foundation of sucsess in selling

Purchase the Audio Abridged CD or Amazon Audible version here:

zig ziglar

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