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The Cloud is Here, Get Ready to Use It

One of the newer terms in the tech world that everyone needs to pay attention to is “The Cloud”. Microsoft has been running commercials with the tag line “To the cloud”, Google has “Google Docs” through Gmail and Apple is gettin...

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iPad or not

To iPad 2 or Not To

I was recently in one of our offices speaking with a few of our members when someone approached me and asked if he should replace his dying laptop with an iPad for real estate. I thought about it for a minute and came to the conclusion that...

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Broker Manager Orientation

July Broker/Manager Orientation

This week Sellstate is hosting the July Broker/Manger orientation. Tuesday and Wednesday the training will be held by Sellstate Lead Trainer Lynda Moritz and Sellstate President Neil Cresswell at Sellstate Priority in Cape Coral, Florida. ...

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Facebook training

Sellstate Premier Realty hosts Facebook Training

Sellstate Premier Realty in Fort Myers, FL, hosted a training session today highlighting how real estate agents can leverage Facebook to increase their business. Shawna Cresswell-Merrick, office manager, arranged the training, and there was...

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SGR Helping Hands

Sellstate Group Realty Contributes to Helping Hands

A member of the Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors Outreach committee, Sellstate Group Realty in South Carolina recently implemented a fundraising strategy to contribute to Helping Hands. A member of a local business networking gro...

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Bowling for Charity with Sellstate Realty First

Recently, Sellstate Realty First in Rocklin, California, held a charity bowling event to support CanTree’s efforts in benefiting the Salvation Army. There were 7 teams with over 40 participants. In addition to the funds raised from tea...

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Sellstate Lawsuits

(UPDATE: see Sellstate Lawsuits Update for updated information) Over recent weeks there has been quite a bit of chatter with regards to Sellstate being involved multiple lawsuits and I would like to take a moment to address the situation...

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