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Google Plus for Real Estate

Google Plus for Real Estate – Your introduction to Google Plus for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers Social media is all the rage in Real Estate right now. There is no doubt that your clients are on one or more social network,...

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Social Media Video Series in Pre Production

Social Media Video Series in Pre Production

As many of you have been reading, Chris and I have been touring the local offices providing workshops on various social media networks. Thus far we have covered Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging. We have had requests from people bo...

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Blogging Workshop

Sellstate Premier Realty hosts Blogging Workshop

Sellstate Premier Realty in Fort Myers, FL, hosted a blogging workshop on August 18, 2011, allowing their agents to become more informed and knowledgeable on how to increase their business using the power of blogs. Blogging in real esta...

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make more money and work less

How do you make more money and work less?

It sounds like a loaded question, but the answer is very simple if you’re willing to listen and do something about it. The real estate industry has not changed although the market has dramatically shifted over the last few years. Becau...

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The Cloud is Here, Get Ready to Use It

One of the newer terms in the tech world that everyone needs to pay attention to is “The Cloud”. Microsoft has been running commercials with the tag line “To the cloud”, Google has “Google Docs” through Gmail and Apple is gettin...

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iPad or not

To iPad 2 or Not To

I was recently in one of our offices speaking with a few of our members when someone approached me and asked if he should replace his dying laptop with an iPad for real estate. I thought about it for a minute and came to the conclusion that...

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Broker Manager Orientation

July Broker/Manager Orientation

This week Sellstate is hosting the July Broker/Manger orientation. Tuesday and Wednesday the training will be held by Sellstate Lead Trainer Lynda Moritz and Sellstate President Neil Cresswell at Sellstate Priority in Cape Coral, Florida. ...

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