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Email concept.

The Email You’re Sending Is Costing You Business

When it comes to the internet and real estate leads, we know that nearly everyone is starting their search online and that dealing with internet leads can be very frustrating. … Often you receive inquiries or leads and respond almost i...

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Laptop and Tablet concept

Should I Invest in My Website?

“Should I invest in my website?” It’s a simple enough question, but the answer comes with some complexity. … In short, the answer is yes, you really should invest in your website—but it’s not as straightforward as you might t...

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personal bio

Don’t Make Your Personal Bio About You

Personal bios are found all over the internet and marketing material. Most people use them the exact same way, which is to take some time to speak about themselves and introduce themselves to potential clients. … Who else should your b...

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YouTube Broadcast Yourself

The 4 Essential YouTube Tips

We are going to focus on some simple tips to keep in mind when making your videos to help increase their exposure and audience attention. … The majority of people who view your videos will come through some form of referral. This could...

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YouTube video

5 Mistakes That Kill Your YouTube Videos

As videos continue to increase in popularity online, we are seeing more and more real estate professionals turning to services such as YouTube for promotion and sharing of their message. … While it’s great to see loads of videos from our...

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3 Tricks to Getting More Positive Endorsements

Have you ever thought online endorsements are ineffective or pointless? "… When it comes to making a decision, reviews and endorsements go a long way towards helping people decide. Choosing a real estate agent to help represent their h...

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Is Social Media Advertising Actually Effective?

Social media advertising remains a mystery to many of us. Most of us have seen the statistics relating to the size and use of the larger social networks. … We know that Facebook alone boasts over 1.71 billion active monthly users. Many...

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