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The Cloud is Here, Get Ready to Use It


One of the newer terms in the tech world that everyone needs to pay attention to is “The Cloud”. Microsoft has been running commercials with the tag line “To the cloud”, Google has “Google Docs” through Gmail and Apple is getting ready to unveil iCloud. The question I keep getting asked is… “what is the cloud?”

Before I tell you what the cloud is, let’s take a look at what the cloud does. The cloud stores your documents online. Photos, videos, files, PDFs, you name it. The cloud can backup your computer and the cloud lets you share these documents with others. It will even allow you to work on the same document simultaneously with other users. Put another way, I could create a Google Doc or Microsoft Word or Excel file, start typing and while I’m doing this, you could log into the document and make adjustments in real time.

The cloud sounds pretty great doesn’t it? So, ready for the big reveal?

“The cloud” is another name for “online”. When you see services being offered by Microsoft, Google, Apple, DropBox and so on what they are really doing is offering you a new way to store and work with documents online. Gmail offers email as well as personal storage space for any files you wish to backup. From there, you may log onto any computer connected to the Internet and access your email and files. iCloud is Apple’s new solution to auto saving and syncing your apps, photos, videos and downloads and Microsoft refers to their online storage as “Sky Drive”.

“The cloud” is another name for “online”.

Before you dismiss the cloud as just another label for something that has been around for awhile, what you should be taking note of is how easy it has become to securely backup and share your documents online. These services are typically free for the amount of space most of us require (costs do apply for additional storage space) and very easy to access.

Instead of paying for online backup or having to install software to do this, simply create a Gmail or MSN/Live/Hotmail account and just upload your docs.

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