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Dropbox for Real Estate


As mobile professionals, Real Estate Agents can benefit tremendously from having access to their files while on the go from any device. In the past this was accomplished by placing data on physical storage media like CDs or USB flash drives. Now, with Cloud storage, Realtors can access all of their important documents from just about anywhere at any time, and keep these files up to date in all locations.

What is Cloud Storage

The term “Cloud” storage refers to files that are stored online. Similar to how files are stored in folders on your computer, Cloud storage simply means that the files are stored in a folder online. The technology providing this sort of accessibility has even progressed to the point where you do not even need an internet connection to view Cloud-stored files. They are simply updated once an internet connection is restored.

What is Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular providers of Cloud storage. Dropbox is easy to sign up for and provides new users with 2GB of free storage with the opportunity to earn more free storage as well as pay for larger storage requirements.

After signing up, users simply install the Dropbox app on their devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and place files in their newly created Dropbox folder. Any files placed inside the Dropbox folder will automatically sync across all devices as well as online. It’s that easy!

How Does Dropbox Help Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents require their files to be both accessible at any time and to be securely backed up in case of a computer crash. Dropbox provides a solution to both of these while requiring no more effort on the part of the Realtor. By using dropbox, real estate agents will have access to their files on their computers, phones, and tablets. Additionally, Realtors can access their files from any computer with a web browser in case they don’t have their devices with them. This means that not only are files synced between devices, but they are also securely backed up online. A real estate agent using Dropbox could have a total computer crash and lose their phone and still not have to worry knowing that their files are perfectly safe and available to them.

Where to get Dropbox

Getting started with Dropbox is easy. Visit the Dropbox website and register for a free account. Then, download and install the application to your computer. After putting the files you want synced and backed up in the Dropbox folder, install Dropbox on your other devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) by visiting the appropriate app store or market. Dropbox will begin syncing files immediately.

Final Words

Dropbox is efficient, effective, and free. There is no reason why a real estate professional should not have their most important files backed up online. It is simple to set up and makes working with files on the go a lot easier.

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