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Facebook for Real Estate

Facebook for Real Estate

Facebook for Real Estate – Your introduction to Facebook for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Agents are embracing social media like never before. With a variety of networks and a limited amount of hours in a day many Realtors are wondering which network to focus on given the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus (For a complete guide to Google Plus for Real Estate click here). The simple answer is that at the moment Facebook is best for real estate.

What is Facebook?

For those of you who are new to social networks, Facebook is networking platform, which lets you connect with others in a very easy and organized way. Through Facebook you are able to chat, comment on the status of others, share photos and websites and keep in touch with friends, family and clients.

How Big is Facebook?

Facebook is a monster that keeps getting bigger. The latest estimates were that Facebook has now reached 750 million members of an estimated 1.2 billion Internet users. That means that over 60% of people on the Internet are on Facebook!

Why is Facebook Important for Real Estate?

Facebook for Real Estate is extremely important because Facebook is quickly becoming the preferred way of communication over the Internet. At the moment more people are checking Facebook than their email and they are doing so far more frequently. A large segment of Facebook users check their account before getting out of bed in the morning and as the last thing they do before going to sleep at night.

How Does Facebook Help Real Estate?

We all know the statistics of how many buyers are looking to the Internet to begin their home shopping. In many cases, consumers find their Realtor online. What better way to be front and center than to be actively communicating with potential clients before they are ready to begin their home search?

Facebook The New Real Estate Database

Despite all of the fun exciting features that Facebook offers, the fact remains that what makes Facebook so valuable is that it is the world’s best database. We live in the information age and Facebook has the most entries, accurate contact information for all of the entries and knows what the entries like.

Have you ever purchased a list of emails to market to? Realtors do this all the time because it is an effective way to get their message out. When you really think about it though, your message is only getting out to a handful of people on that list. With a networking tool like Facebook, you are able to get your message out to your contacts and even interact with them on a daily basis. The amazing part is that we are able to use this database completely free of charge!

Mobile Apps

Facebook has native apps for most of the mobile platforms making it easy to update your status on the go. In addition to the main Facebook app, they have separated out their chat client into a separate Facebook Messenger app which functions similar to text messaging except the service runs through Facebook.

Should Real Estate Agents use Facebook?

The short answer is yes. Facebook provides a way to communicate directly with clients and potential clients, stay top of mind and provides insight as to opportunities. When people are interested in buying or selling they often times share these thoughts on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be ideal to be there to respond to these people making it convenient and easy for them to choose you as their Realtor?

How Would Use Facebook for Real Estate?

The best way to use Facebook for real estate is to treat it like a live social event. Do not go into it with an attitude that you need to advertise and strictly talk about buying and selling homes. People use Facebook for fun and entertainment. They do not go on to look at advertising. What you are looking to do is to interact with as many people as possible as often as possible. Remember, the number one reason why someone will choose to buy or sell a home with you is because they like you. Allow your personality to come out and have some fun with people. If you become a very familiar friend to them then you will be in a great position to satisfy their real estate needs when the time comes.

Sellstate Facebook Video Series

Sellstate’s proactive approach to social media includes having an entire video library covering all aspects of social media and Internet marketing. We are currently in the process of building this library with plans to begin releasing videos in the coming weeks. Unlike many tutorials currently available we will be breaking down each aspect of Facebook into its own two to three minute video making it easy to jump to the parts that interest you. Our video series promises to be the most comprehensive explanation of Facebook for Real Estate anywhere online. At this moment we expect the Facebook series to be comprised of forty-four (44) videos.

As always if you have any questions or have something that you would like to share your questions and comments are welcome below!

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