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Facebook Timeline Coming Soon! Preview It Now!

Facebook for Real Estate Video Series Preview

Facebook is changing again this week. Starting Friday, your profile will be replaced with the new Facebook “Timeline”.

Timeline is the new profile. You’ll notice that it looks and feels very different than what you’re used to. The first change you’ll see is your Cover. Your Cover is a large space at the top of your Timeline that is filled with an image of your choosing. This image is the first thing that people see when visiting your timeline.

The next change is how your stories are displayed. With the last major update, news feed items were renamed to “Stories”. Now, your Stories are displayed in a new, aesthetically pleasing manner on your Timeline. This has to be the most notable change to how you’re presented to the world online.

“Every activity, photo, and event in one’s life can now be filled in giving a more complete picture of your life.”

Unlike your profile which for the most part only displayed recent activity, Timeline shows your entire history on Facebook. In addition to keeping everything you’ve done, users will have the ability to update their Timeline by adding in events all the way back until they were born. Additionally, others can post on your Timeline about events that have happened in the past and these posts will show up in correct chronological order. Every activity, photo, and event in one’s life can now be filled in giving a more complete picture of your life.

Before your panic about even more of your life being on Facebook, you need to realize that you can still control what is displayed through settings. If you don’t want people knowing what you did on your 7th birthday, then simply don’t go back and add it to your Timeline. You will also have the option to prohibit posting on your Timeline using Facebook’s privacy settings preventing others from volunteering information about you to the world.

Right now, Timeline is only available to developers. The update is scheduled to roll out to the public on Friday, November 11, 2011. At that time, your profile will automatically convert to Facebook’s new Timeline, and you can choose your Cover image as well as fill in missing information dating back until you were born (if you choose).

Preview screenshots below:
Facebook Timeline screenshot

Screenshot Facebook Timeline

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Facebook Timeline Coming Soon! Preview It Now!

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