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Google Plus Circles for Real Estate

Google Plus Circles for Real Estate

It is becoming more and more important to consider using Google Plus for Real Estate as it has continued to gain momentum among Realtors. We have already introduced Google Plus for Real Estate here and have begun sharing beta invites with Realtors here.

Now that more Realtors are getting on Google Plus, it’s time to take a closer look at circles and how to add and interact with others. If you haven’t already joined Google Plus, get your invite here, as you’ll need a profile to follow along.

What Are Circles?

Circles are Google Plus’ way of organizing your online connections. The goal of circles is to allow you to communicate with people the same way you would in real life. By arranging people into circles, you can share relevant things with the right people. On Facebook, you are either a friend or not, while on Google Plus, you can easily place your contacts into specific groups (yes, we are aware that you can do this with Facebook, but it is completely different here).

When sharing online, Google Plus allows you to pick and choose who sees what content every time you post in a very quick and easy manner. This way, you can be sure that the content you’re sharing is only visible by the people that you choose. You can even choose to share content with multiple circles so for example if you had something you wanted to share with family and friends you could easily do that while not sharing that information with your work circle.

How to Create Circles

First, make sure you’re logged in. Click the circles icon at the top of the page. This is where you can edit and manage your circles. Now, hover over the white circle on the left that says “Drop contacts here to create a new circle”. You should now see a link that says “Create circle”. Click the link, and a pop-up will appear asking you to add a description. Here is where you’ll name your circle. Your circle could be named something like friends, family, or clients. After entering the name for your circle, click the button at the bottom that says “Create empty circle”. That’s it, you now have a new circle that you can begin adding people to.

There are other ways to create circles, and we’ll cover that in our social media video series, but this is the simplest way to start creating circles now.

How to Add Someone to Your Circles

Like creating circles, there are different ways to add people to your circles. We’re only going to cover the simplest method with the other methods being covered in our social media video series. From here, simply search, using the search bar at the top, for people you want to add (Michael Darmanin, for example). Once you’ve found the person you want to add, click to view their profile. At the top right of their profile, hover over the button that says “Add to circles”. You will then see a drop down menu allowing you to choose which circle(s) you’d like to add this person to. Choose the circle(s) you’d like to add this person to, and you’re done.

They will receive a notification that you’ve added them to your circles, but will not be allowed to see what circle(s) you’ve added them to. They have the option to add you to their circles. If they do, you will not be able to see which circle(s) you’ve been added to either.

Adding People to Multiple Circles

Where Google Plus has a tremendous advantage over the other social networks is that you may add people to multiple circles. For example, let’s say you have a circle for Work and another one for Friends. Now, there may be a situation where someone from work is also a personal friend. With Google Plus , you may add that person to both circles. This way, your friend will see content that you share in both circles, but the content shared in each circle will be kept separate. You don’t have to worry about friends seeing work content and co-workers seeing personal content.

As a Realtor, you can take advantage of Google Plus for real estate by organizing your contacts into different groups. This is something that either isn’t possible, or is overly difficult on other social networking sites. By keeping your contacts in groups it becomes easy to widely share certain information while keeping other things more private.

For example, you can place your buyers in one circle, sellers in another, maybe prospects in yet another, and keep your friends and family in circles of their own. When you’re sharing information or content, you can have it go out to everyone or you can target specifically buyers or sellers. This allows you to be sure that your message goes to the right people, and at the same time, it allows you keep your business and personal life separate. Google Plus circles really is a time saver when it comes to social networking.

Circles are just part of Google Plus. They are crucial to how you, as a Realtor, will be marketing. Circles are the foundation of your social network. In order to get the most ROI using this social platform, it is important to define your circles clearly and share content and information accordingly. Keep checking our blog as we’ll post more social networking articles along with updated information regarding our soon to be released social media video series.

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