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Mass Text Multiple Listings to a Specific Hashtag

To send one or more listings, first navigate to the listings tab in kvCORE.


TIP: You can use filters to find the properties you want to send. To learn more about Listing Filters click here.


Once you’ve filtered out your listings you can begin choosing the ones you would like to send. Use the checkboxes boxes on the left-hand side. The top checkbox will select all properties in the list that you can see.


Please Note: This can be used to send a single or multiple listings to your contacts.


You can change the size of the list from the upper right corner to select more (or less) at once.



Then, click the ‘More Actions’ menu, and select ‘Text To Hashtags’.



A popup modal will then appear where you can select the hashtag you’d like to email the listings to, edit the text, and send.


Please Note: You can only select one hashtag per email.


The number of leads found in that hashtag will be displayed above the selected hashtag. Once a hashtag is selected, the system will tell you how many recipients will get a text at the top. Additionally, if you’d like, you can change your message, just do not modify the {property_link} merge tag.


Finally, click ‘Send’ on the bottom left.