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New JoinSellstate.com Official Launch

new joinsellstate

We have launched the new Join Sellstate website! This version of the site has been designed with heavy analytic optimization. We spent months analyzing traffic patterns and data from our previous site and from around the web and have streamlined this new site for maximum efficiency to provide the best possible user experience.

Analytic Optimization

In designing this site we looked at where traffic was coming from, how long they were on the site, what pages they viewed, which pages they exited the site from, and many, many other factors before coming up with the new optimized layout and content.

We’ve lowered our bounce rate, increased our conversion rate, and received multiple organic agent leads within hours of launching the site!

Mobile Optimization

At least half of the people visiting our Join Sellstate website do so on a mobile device, such as an iPhone, Android, iPad, Black Berry, etc. With the previous version of the website, they were forced to look at our desktop site on a tiny screen. Now, the new Join Sellstate site has been completely optimized using our new mobile cloud ensuring a great experience across all platforms.

Social Integration

The new site also has the same social elements built into it that have helped to make our blog a success. Prominent buttons are in place to make sharing easy, and our comment system is fully integrated into Facebook. So please be sure to comment and share directly from the site.

Grow your business

As a reminder this site is available for everyone to use to help build their business. We welcome you to encourage people to visit JoinSellstate.com to learn more about the great opportunities!

michael darmanin | author Michael Darmanin
Chief Operating Officer

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