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Prepping Your Contacts List on kvCORE

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Whether you are importing your own list through the bulk import tool or submitting it to our lead configuration team there are some things you should know to make the process go as smoothly as possible when you are prepping your list for import.


For an in-depth look at importing contacts, click here.

How to Organize Your Contacts

Use the information below to easily organize your kvCore Smart CRM for automated nurturing and quick filtering.


Contact Statuses

‘Contact Status’ refers to where the contact is in your pipeline. They are great indicators of what stage a contact is in and what they need from you as a real estate agent.


There are 8 statuses available in kvCORE:

  • Sphere

  • Prospect

  • New Lead

  • Active Lead

  • Client

  • Contract

  • Closed

  • Archived

To learn more about when to use specific contact statuses, click here.


Lead Types

‘Lead Type’ refers to the type of contact that you are working with regardless of where they are in the buying/selling process.


There are 5 types available in kvCORE:

  • Buyer

  • Seller

  • Renter

  • Vendor

  • Agent

To learn more about when to use specific lead types, click here.



Hashtags are used to organize your contact list for quick filtering and communication, trigger one or more additional actions within kvCORE, and more.


To learn more about hashtags, click here.



The source is the high-level view of where the contact came from. This can be adding them manually, organically finding your site, from an advertisement, and more.


To learn more about contact sources, click here.


Provide Accurate Data


Uploading a correct First and Last Name makes kvCORE automation seamless when using merge tags to personalize lead communication.



Email is the primary method for lead communication. While you can import without it, it’s a must-have in kvCORE if you want deliverability of Search Alerts, Valuations, Market Reports, and Campaigns.


Cell Phone

A cell phone number powers the texting features of kvCORE. It’s the most efficient form of communication because leads respond to texts at a higher rate than


To learn more about Text Deliverability, click here.