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Real Estate Technology

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Real estate technology is an interesting subject that comes up almost daily. Realtors are constantly seeking out the best technology to help their business and stay ahead of competitors. I have already touched on the confusion surrounding technology for real estate (see Real Estate Technology and Why Realtors Shouldn’t Care) and indicated that in many cases real estate agents already have the necessary technology, or better technology is available to them for free. Today, I would like to address common technology for real estate and the best solutions available.

Why Technology is Important for Real Estate

It’s easy to have a want for technology, but the question should be asked “Is there a need for technology in real estate?” The answer, of course, is yes, and here’s why.

Like it or not, technology is changing the world. We no longer perform tasks in the same way nor do we communicate in the same way. When it comes to business, we are often placed in the situation of adapting or falling behind. Real estate is no exception. We all know that most home buyers start their search online, but the need for technology in real estate goes far beyond that. Facebook has become the primary form of communication for many. People are checking their Facebook account far more frequently than they check their email. People argue with me all the time when I mention this saying, “Well maybe some people do, but email isn’t going anywhere, all of my business is done over email.” While it is true that there is still a need for email, to ignore social media networks because you don’t see the value in them is hurting your business.

Then, there things like websites, QR codes and virtual tours that are more familiar to Realtors and offered by many companies around the country. The issue with going with things that are familiar is that, in most cases, all of your competitors are using something very similar and while that might be “the way things are done in real estate”, it isn’t helping you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Proprietary in-House Solutions and Why They’re Bad

As mentioned in Real Estate Technology and Why Realtors Shouldn’t Care, many companies like to offer in-house, custom solutions for Realtors. In most cases, these solutions include websites, email, database managers and some form of social media automation. While this might sound like a great solution and a one stop shop, the truth is that many of these solutions are sub-par and in some cases may even be hurting your business. In-house, custom solutions frequently suffer from lack of features, high overhead, little support, slow rate of improvement, and more.

Best Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Many of the best solutions for real estate technology are free to use. The trouble is that most of us don’t have the time to learn about these options and to get educated on what’s available. The good news is that’s why we’re here. We’re going to show you how to escape the proprietary systems that hinder your productivity and how to begin using free, cloud-based systems that will increase your productivity and make your business more mobile, while taking up less of your time.

-Email (see Real Estate Email)
-Social Media
-Database management

Over the coming weeks I will be adding articles focusing on each specific aspect and offering the best solution(s) that, in many cases, will be free!

If you have any questions or comments, please share your thoughts below.

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