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Sellstate Forms Strategic Alliance with Zillow


Arthur Darmanin, CEO of Sellstate Realty Systems Network, Inc., has finalized signing a deal with Zillow, America’s most popular online real estate database, which will succeed in showcasing all of Sellstate’s listings to over 64 million unique visitors per month.

This signing comes on the heels of yet another deal that Sellstate signed earlier this year with, another major real estate website with exorbitant amounts of traffic.

Having formed strategic alliances with both Zillow and, two of the most widely used Real Estate service providers, Sellstate has now extended its consumer reach to over 78.5 million visitors a month.

The and deals are part of Sellstate’s Power Suite. Power Suite is a technology package which provides its users with a multitude of online tools that are key to the business of today’s real estate agent. Through the Sellstate Power Suite, each member of Sellstate receives a personal website which contains several features designed to speed up the buying and selling processes and provide the ultimate experience for clients. Among the most prominent of these features are: full listing search capabilities, customer relationship management system, a business intelligence center, market insights, neighborhood demographics, social integration, listing syndication, and a marketing center. These technology tools are unparalleled in the real estate industry and are a must in order to successfully provide clients with the highest level of service.

“According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of buyers shop for their homes and properties online, making the online presence of real estate advisors vital. These strategic alliances now bring our monthly consumer reach total to over 78.5 million viewers” stated Darmanin during an unfolding presentation of the Power Suite.

Consumers today are very sophisticated due to access to the web, and thus expect a higher level of knowledge and sophistication from real estate agents. With the combination of these two contracts with the country’s largest public providers of real estate listings and the Power Suite technology package, Sellstate’s Real Estate Advisors have both the knowledge and tools to not only meet these demands of today’s consumers but to exceed them.

“None of these phenomenal services come at any additional cost to our clients or advisors” says Darmanin, “it is part of Sellstate’s value proposition. I personally would never list my property with an agent that could not provide a robust technology based marketing plan, and give me the online exposure that Sellstate does.”

Sellstate is a National Real Estate Franchise Company with its headquarters located in Fort Myers, Florida. To learn more about the Sellstate Power Suite and the strategic alliances with Zillow and please visit


Sellstate Realty Systems Network, Inc. is the most technologically advanced real estate companies in North America. Powered by exclusive C.P. Technology, our franchises are not burdened with back office administration allowing our members to take the time necessary to properly support the needs of the buyers and sellers.

As part of our beliefs, we strive to ensure that all of our agents operate at the most elite level of real estate professionalism. Buyers and sellers can take comfort in knowing that they will be working with a licensed agent of utmost quality and expertise.

michael darmanin | author Michael Darmanin
Chief Operating Officer
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