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Sellstate Lawsuits


(UPDATE: see Sellstate Lawsuits Update for updated information)

Over recent weeks there has been quite a bit of chatter with regards to Sellstate being involved multiple lawsuits and I would like to take a moment to address the situation to clarify any confusion.

Sellstate has been involved with three lawsuits over the years. While I am unable to go into detail, I can provide a general summary of what has been happening.

The first lawsuit that we were involved in was one that we initiated against a former Area Representative who chose to begin working for a competitor while he remained a Sellstate Area Representative. Needless to say, this lawsuit went in our favor and we have been awarded judgment.

The second lawsuit that we were involved in again involved a former Area Representative which has since been settled.

The third and final lawsuit is currently pending and while it has not come to a conclusion as of yet, we feel extremely confident that we will once again prevail and should have the matter laid to rest within the next few months.

To further clarify, here are some of the rumors that are simply not true. Sellstate is not, and has never been involved in a class action suit against us. We are not succumbing to legal pressure and folding nor are we going out of business. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sellstate is continuing to add franchises and outstanding individuals to our system. We are continuing to develop and refine our systems to help our members succeed in today’s difficult environment. In short, Sellstate continues to be a strong company working towards the ultimate goal of becoming the largest real estate company in the nation.

As I travel around the country visiting our offices I look forward for the opportunity to meet all of you!

(UPDATE: see Sellstate Lawsuits Update for updated information)

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