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Sellstate Opens Up Zillow Registration for Real Estate Advisors

Today, we are launching the final phase of our latest technological rollout that will increase our Real Estate Advisors’ consumer reach to over 78,500,000 a month. Below are instructions on how to get all setup as well as a recap of many of the benefits that our Real Estate Advisors receive as part of our Strategic Alliance with Zillow. As with the rest of the Sellstate Power Suite, this is included as part of Sellstate’s Value Proposition.

Phase 2 Details: Real Estate Advisor Sign Up Instructions

Sellstate Real Estate Advisors:
Situation 1 – You Currently Do NOT Have a Zillow Account:
Taking advantage of all the benefits of the Sellstate and Zillow Strategic Alliance couldn’t be any easier. You simply have to activate your Zillow profile using the same email address that is on file with your MLS.

To review the details of the Sellstate and Zillow Strategic Alliance and activate your profile, visit the Consumer Reach page on SellstateSource.com: http://sellstaterealty.com/source/power-suite/consumer-reach/

Click the “Activate Your Profile” button on this page to be redirected to Zillow and create your profile. Remember, you must use the same email address on file with your MLS for the link to be successful and all benefits activated.

Situation 2 – You Currently Have a Zillow Account That DOES Use Your Email Associated with Your MLS
If you already have a Zillow profile using the email associated with your MLS, then you don’t need to do anything. All of the Sellstate enhancements will be automatically activated on your account.

Situation 3 – You Currently Have a Zillow Account That DOES NOT Use Your Email Associated with Your MLS
If you already have a Zillow profile using a different email address than the one that is on file with the MLS, then you can still take advantage of the benefits. You must log into your Zillow profile and add an additional email in the area provided – add your email associated with your MLS, and your profile will link and the benefits will be activated

Recap: The Sellstate & Zillow Strategic Alliance Includes

  • All of Sellstate’s listings syndicated directly from the MLS to Zillow
  • Listing updates multiple times a day ensuring that the information is always accurate and up to date
  • Increased consumer reach by 64,000,000 people per month bringing our total consumer reach to over 78,500,000.
  • Watermark of Sellstate logo on all Sellstate listing photos for increased brand awareness within the marketplace
  • Top placement in contact form for Sellstate agents
  • Sellstate agents noted as “LISTING AGENT” in contact form
  • Superior discounts on the initial purchase of the Zillow Premier Agent Program for agents who would like to take their marketing further. Contact Zillow’s sales team (866-324-4005) and ask about Sellstate’s discount for details.
  • Free In-Market Zillow Productivity Training on a multitude of topics

Launch Phases

The complete rollout of this system will take place in two phases:
Phase 1: Feed Registration Open to Sellstate Offices
Date: 11/26/2013
Note: Sellstate Managers will be emailed instructions on how to register their office to be included in the official feed.
Phase 2: Zillow Account Creation Open to Sellstate Real Estate Advisors
Date: 12/10/2013
Note: Sellstate Real Estate Advisors are now able to create Zillow accounts (using the same email they have registered with the MLS) and have their listings enhanced.

Final Words

We’re excited to offer our Real Estate Advisors such amazing benefits on one of the world’s top home search sites.

michael darmanin | author Michael Darmanin
Chief Operating Officer
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