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Sellstate “Priority Cares”: Meet Our Friend Rylee

Sellstate Realty has an overall passion for philanthropy and community service. Sellstate Priority takes this value to heart when it comes to servicing its Cape Coral community.

Sellstate Priority Manager Lynda Moritz dedicates her life to enriching the lives of others. She started the charitable organization “Priority Cares”, in which funds are raised through garage sales and other initiatives to support families in need.

Examples of “Priority Cares” contributions include:

-Helping members of the Cape Coral Caring Center

-Arranging the famous cellist Yo-Yo-Ma to donate a cello to a young local musician.

-Providing large donations for Garvin’s Medical Trust Fund. Garvin is a child suffering from a rare mitochondrial Disease.

-Adopting the Lawrey family over Christmas, and raising $100,000 for their new home.

Sellstate Priority recently reached out to share their current project and newest friend.

Meet Rylee:

Here is Lynda Moritz/Sellstate Priority’s story:

“The Cappuccilli family is truly an inspiration. We met the family through a rather strange coincidence. David Cappuccilli was the banker we’ve worked with previously and while talking with him I kept noticing this beautiful face on his phone. At one point of the conversation I asked “Who is this little angel?.” David replied that it was his granddaughter Rylee, however I felt that there was more to the story. I come to find out that Rylee was injured by her father at three weeks old and as a result is paralyzed from her diaphragm to the tip of her toes. Her father is currently serving time in prison for the assault and injury.

David and his wife Irene have moved in their daughter, Andrea, and granddaughter, Rylee, to help with the 24/7 care. Andrea is finishing her college education on-line as she cannot leave Rylee unattended. David and Irene have exhausted their retirement and are currently renting a home for the family. Everyday expenses have become such a burden and Andrea cannot work due to the constant care needed to support her daughter. Her parents are working many jobs to make ends meet.

This is where we step in. We are so proud to reach out “Priority Cares” to the Cappuccilli family.”

Sellstate Priority will be hosting a November 1st garage sale benefiting Rylee on their Cape Coral parking lot. 100% of the donations received at this event will go towards preparing a medical trust on Rylee’s behalf. Sellstate Priority will also shoot a video of Rylee’s story that will be featured on her “Fund Me” page, which will be provided in an update post.

We are extremely proud to have Lynda and Sellstate Priority as part of our Sellstate Family.

If you wish to contact or contribute to Sellstate Priority’s mission, look below:

Sellstate Priority

3321 Del Prado Blvd S #7, Cape Coral, FL 33904
(239) 574-8888

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