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Sellstate Source 3.0 Official Launch

source week announcement

“After nearly 9 months of planning, designing, development, and testing, Sellstate Source 3.0 is officially launched!

SellstateSource.com now joins the ranks of JoinSellstate.com and SellstateLive.com by incorporating the same clean and analytic optimized design that has contributed to the intuitive, unified user experience acclaimed by many.

After nearly 9 months of planning, development, and testing, Sellstate Source 3.0 is officially launched!

source launch screen

Sellstate Source 3.0 isn’t just a visual upgrade over the Sellstate Source that the real estate community has been enjoying. We’ve incorporated over 20 new features into Sellstate Source 3.0. This week we introduced our Social Center, Video On Demand, Social Integration, and Mobile Cloud, and that’s only the beginning. Below are some more highlighted features of Sellstate Source 3.0.

To recap:

Social Center

The new Social Center is designed to help simplify social media into easy to follow strategies that will help you increase your business.

Video On Demand

Our Video On Demand (VOD) section uses cloud-hosted video streams to provide you with the education and strategies you need whenever, wherever.

Social Integration

Sellstate Source 3.0 features a deep level of Social Integration including the ability to Comment, Share, Register, and Login all using your most favorite social network(s).

Mobile Cloud

Sellstate Source 3.0 is fully supported by our Mobile Cloud, ensuring you can get all the resources available to you even while on the go.

In addition:

Site Translation

Sellstate Source 3.0 features site translation that supports over 35 different languages. Now, you have the option to view our site in your native language.

Contributor Support

Sellstate Source 3.0 brings forward unparalleled scalability and frequent updates through “Contributors”. Sellstate managers now have the ability submit content directly to the site, making it available to other managers and agents. In our continuing effort to remain the premier resource for real estate professionals, Contributor Support opens the doors for unprecedented levels of collaboration.

contribution support

Additional Features Include

Clean, Analytic Optimized Design
Intuitive Navigation
“Content first” Layout
Social Buttons
Facebook Comments
Integrated Search
Social Registration and Login
On-page Contact Form
RSS and Email Subscription
Facebook Like Box
Recent Article Feed
Library Articles by Category
Recent Twitter Feeds
Language Translator
Social Center
Social Media Libraries
Video on Demand
Agent eBooks
Agent Library
Tech Library
Agent 101
Manager Support Section
Agent and Manager Restricted Zones
Latest Industry News
Vendor Page/Store
Mobile Cloud
Office “Contributor” Support
Optimized URLs

Visit SellstateSource.com.

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Chief Operating Officer

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