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SellstateLive.com Now Has Contributor Support!

We announced Contributor support as part of our Sellstate Source 3.0 launch. Now, we’re providing all the details as to the offerings and benefits of Contributor support on SellstateLive.com.

SellstateLive.com, at it’s core, is a blog; however, Sellstate has improved upon that functionality by incorporating social integration, cloud computing, and now, Contributor support. SellstateLive.com offers technology and education articles along with company updates and news. While our primary corporate location has been managing this stream of information so far, we have opened the doors to allow all of our offices to begin publishing content.

How It Works:

Traditionally, education and support within a real estate company travels vertically from top down. Sellstate, being a leader in real estate systems and technology, has now implemented a system where helpful information travels freely amongst all our members using SellstateLive.com as the medium. Before, one entity would manage a company website. Now, with our new crowd-sourcing technology, all offices within the Sellstate system can publish and share information on our site due to our advanced web platform. Extending company synergy beyond the physical realm into the fast-growing, always available digital realm is simply unheard of in real estate.

What does this mean for Office Managers?

Blog contributions provide a unique opportunity for Sellstate offices to promote their achievements, expansion plans, local events and training to our Advisors. These blog contributions will highlight that office and as a result will increase online exposure. Your office can leverage our national consumer reach by submitting articles to our blog, which in turn will be shared to our popular social media outlets and preferred email recipients.

What does this mean for Agents?

When a single office decides to share content on www.sellstatelive.com, all of our Advisors nationwide are benefiting and growing from this information. Traditionally, Advisors would only benefit from the information being distributed from their own office. Sellstate’s publishing platform allows all of our Advisors to benefit from the content being shared from offices all over the country.

Final Words:

With the ability for all of our offices to contribute to our library of content, SellstateLive.com’s value grows exponentially. In addition to SellstateSource, the advice and tips provided from our exceptional leaders will continue to be a key factor in transforming our Advisors’ businesses.

If your office would like to enjoy the benefits of media exposure, please send a request to [email protected].

The Marketing Studio will contact you with more information on becoming a contributor.

michael darmanin | author Michael Darmanin
Chief Operating Officer

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