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Simple Techniques to Drive 1,000% More Inquiries to You


Real estate lead generation is the key to the success of a Realtor. To this day the industry recognizes that calls from “for sale” signs are the best quality leads in the business. These are the best because if a consumer is interested enough to stop their car and pick up the phone while they are out driving around looking at houses, they are a serious buyer or seller.

Now that we know who we want, the trick is how to get every buyer or seller driving by your “For Sale” sign to call you regardless of whether or not they like the home that the sign is on. Ask yourself, how would your sales increase if every serious buyer and seller who drives by one of your listings calls you? Well I cannot guarantee that everyone will call, but I sure can help increase the odds of this happening dramatically.

For starters, begin by using SMS technology that is now common in our industry. That is where you have a number on a sign rider that the consumer can text and get back information on the property. While this is a good technique, the problem with the way this is being commonly used is that if the potential client does not like your listing they will not text you for the property information.

Remember we want almost every serious buyer or seller that drives buy your listing to STOP, READ & TEXT. We can achieve this buy posting direct response titles that you will support with your direct response web site instead of the usual “For information on this property, text…” An example of a direct response title that is working fantastic today is “Text 1234 to 55555 and receive a Luxury Foreclose List”.

Guess who wants this? EVERYONE!

How about “Text 1234 to 55555 and receive FREE report ‘Can you still buy a home after a Short Sale or Foreclosure?’” This is a great lead generator for listings. There are dozens of these offers that you can make to the consumer to inspire them to stop their car and seek out the information you are offering.

When the consumer texts you, you receive their number immediately. I am sure you can put together a few Luxury Foreclosures or put some information together on the possibly of someone buying after a short sale or foreclosure. You can always call your mortgage broker and they should be able to provide you with the information you need.

Remember it is not the quality of the information that you are sending them that is important. It is all about getting the consumer to contact you. When they put up there hand and say “I am a buyer or seller”, the rest is easy. Once the contact is made, you will be able to provide them with the quality service and information that they are seeking.

Here are some other examples of titles with corresponding reports you can use or be creative and come up with your own:

Foreclosures Hot List
Things You Must Know Before Buying Waterfront Property (great for upper end buyers in your area)
Do Not Buy a Foreclosure Until You Know This

Now get busy and get those phones ringing!

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