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Social Media Video Series in Pre Production

Social Media Video Series in Pre Production

As many of you have been reading, Chris and I have been touring the local offices providing workshops on various social media networks. Thus far we have covered Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging.

We have had requests from people both around the country and those who have attended the sessions to place the workshops into an online format. Right from the beginning of this tour the plan was in place to create a video series and the local events served the dual purpose of helping our members learn and become efficient with social media as well as provide us with valuable insight as to the common questions and the various levels of knowledge.

Having gone through several workshops we are please to say that we have refined the presentations and are now in the pre production stage of the video series. Facebook will be the first topic covered and is scheduled to begin shooting next week.

We thank everyone for their patience and look forward to your feedback on the videos.

Please see below for some of the feedback from the live events.


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Chief Operating Officer

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