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“Monthly income for life.” If you haven’t heard this phrase from your Sellstate broker or sponsoring agent yet, chances are you will. It’s more than a catchphrase – it’s a key reason hundreds of successful agents across the U.S. have made the leap to Sellstate. The Sellstate Agent Asset Development program affords you the opportunity to get paid every month for the rest of your life without any financial risk. Under the program, Sellstate pays 100% commission – 95% to the transaction agent and 5% to the sponsoring agent in the form of monthly income. In other words, by recruiting quality agents to the Sellstate family, you’ll improve the quality of your life in a secure, risk-free program that was built to deliver long-term financial security for our agents. So it’s critical that you take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity by recruiting other agents. Sellstate offers two web-based tools to assist in your recruiting – JoinSellstate.com and our Agent Asset Development page on SellstateSource.com. While they’re here, invite them to take a look around the rest of the website. We also encourage you to order our new agent recruiting brochure. This glossy, three-panel oversized brochure is a powerful tool in helping build your asset base, and directions for ordering can be found in the SellstateSource.com Store. So get out there and spread the word about Sellstate – recruit an agent today!

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