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Welcome to Franchise 101

We want to congratulate you on your decision to join the Sellstate Family. On this page, we give you all the information you need to fully take advantage of Sellstate Source, the Manager Support section, and other Sellstate offerings.

Accounting & CP Technology

Sellstate’s Accounting department will reach out to you and assist with the basic setup for your office and cover the expected procedures going forward. In the event that you have not heard from our Accounting department regarding this process, please call (239) 437-3777. Additionally, you can find our Accounting Manual here.

Contact Information

It is important that we have accurate and up-to-date contact information for you and your office on file. Please submit this information to marketing(at)sellstatecorporate(dotted)com and be sure to send updated information in the event that there are any changes.


Sellstate’s Franchise Development support team will work with you during the name approval process. Once your requested office name is approved, Sellstate’s Marketing Studio will create and send you office specific logos. If you have had a name approval and have not received your office’s logo within 10 business days, please contact marketing(at)sellstatecorporate(dotted)com.

Marketing Introduction & Internet Marketing Consultation

Sellstate Marketing Studio will reach out to you to discuss the Marketing function of Sellstate, the support you can expect to receive, and how to access material that’s already available to you. This call can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Internet Marketing provides some of the best ROI when it comes to prospecting for new Real Estate Advisors. We want to help you take advantage of all the free and low cost options available to you when it comes to marketing online. Sellstate’s Marketing Studio will contact you to schedule an internet marketing consultation to cover the basics of what your office should be doing regularly, as well as some opportunities for taking your internet marketing to new levels.

Real Estate Advisor Email List Submission

If you are transitioning an existing office to the Sellstate family or you already have some agents, please submit an updated email list to marketing(at)sellstatecorporate(dotted)com. This allows us to continually keep in touch with our members and keep everyone up to date with Sellstate’s activity. You will be reminded on a monthly basis to submit an updated Real Estate Advisor Email List.

Welcome Package

We will ship you a Welcome Package containing samples of our high quality marketing material. This will give you the best idea of just how effective our physical marketing pieces are. Please be sure we have your correct shipping address. If you need to provide us with an updated address, please email marketing(at)sellstatecorporate(dotted)com.

Power Suite & Consumer Reach Setup

In order to set your office up with an account on our industry leading technology platform, we need some information from you. Please visit the Power Suite for Managers page and submit the requested information outlined in the New Office Account Setup section. After we’ve received this information and setup your account, we’ll follow up with you with login details and Getting Started information.

To ensure that your office is reaching out to over 78,500,000 consumers, please visit the Consumer Reach for Offices page and complete the registration process detailed here.

Marketing & Recruiting Material

The Sellstate Store is where you can find all of our marketing material – from stationery to promotional items and more, the Sellstate Store connects you with all of our Approved Vendors who are ready to service your needs.

For recruiting specific material, visit the Marketing Materials page here in the Manager Support section. Here, you will find email templates, social media ads, Craigslist flyers, and more. They are available to download and use immediately!

Hiring Material

If you need ads and information on how to interview and hire new staff for your office, please visit the Hiring Material section. On this page, you can find sample ads as well as interviewing tips and laws and legal information pertaining to the Human Resources function of your office.

Welcome & Grand Opening Announcements

Naturally, we want to give your new office opening the most exposure possible. That’s why we publicly announce your new office on our blog, as well as emailing our members. We will also work closely with you to promote your office’s grand opening celebration.

Initial Email Campaign

To jump start your recruiting efforts, Sellstate’s Marketing Studio will schedule an initial mass email campaign targeting your local area. This will let all local agents know that your office is looking for motivated Real Estate Advisors to join Sellstate. This initial email campaign is designed to increase awareness of your office and the Sellstate brand as well as encourage those looking for a change in their career to consider scheduling an appointment.

Transition Call

If you’re an office with agents already, and you’re making the transition to Sellstate, we’re here to make that process easier. With change comes resistance, so we’ll schedule a transition call or meeting where Sellstate Corporate will speak your existing agents and get them excited about all the benefits they are receiving with Sellstate. This will help keep agents from considering other options and motivate them to take advantage of all the new tools that Sellstate offers.