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2015 Sellstate Leadership Summit


2015 Sellstate Leadership Summit Content

Returning for the third year, The 2015 Sellstate Leadership Summit was held at the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina in Fort Myers, FL. Attendees enjoyed 2 days of networking, training, and fun, while we discussed Sellstate’s accomplishments, strategies, and future plans.

Sessions were hosted by several leaders within the company as well as special guests and sponsors, and the Zillow Group.

The Sellstate Career Acceleration Program

Arthur Darmanin presented the brand new coursework called The Sellstate Career Acceleration Program. This program is designed to get new agents up to speed and established in real estate in 8 short weeks. This proprietary program is also fantastic for agents who want to boost their career.

Below you can find the Coursework file:

Sellstate Career Acceleration Program – by Arthur Darmanin

Office Productivity

Neil Cresswell introduced multiple strategies to increase office productivity, branding and charitable efforts.

Office Productivity – By Neil Cresswell

Recruiting by Taylor Cresswell

Taylor Cresswell shared his expert recruiting strategies with the Realty Juggler system.

Recruiting Presentation – By Taylor Cresswell
Call Tracker
Post Appointment Survey
Recruiting Notes

Take Action and Power Suite

Bill Steinke, VP of Franchise Development and Support, shared the importance of taking action and becoming familiar with the may tools of Power Suite.

Take Action, Fortune Funnel, Anatomy of a Mousetrap (Handout) – By Bill Steinke

Statistical Marketing

During the Leadership Summit, Michael Darmanin, Sellstate COO, shared the importance of using statistics to your advantage.

Number Manipulation – by Michael Darmanin Presentation

Lead Generation and Value- Chris Sorenti and Mark Mathis

Zillow Group Presentation

Zillow Group – Shannon Reeves