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Recruiting and Onboarding

Tips, Strategies, and Resources to Help You Recruit and Onboard your Advisors

Here, you can find the most helpful resources when it comes to recruiting more Real Estate Advisors for your office. You can take advantage of our recorded live webinars, PDFs, and more, all designed to help your office recruit more Real Estate Advisors.

Upon successful recruiting of Advisors, find the complete onboarding package to help get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

The Sellstate Recruiting Presentation v2.0

The most recent version of the Sellstate Recruiting Presentation. Everything you need to go through the entire Sellstate value proposition is located on the Powerpoint.

The Sellstate Recruiting Presentation v2
The Sellstate Recruiting Presentation v2 – appfiles version
Agent Interview Questions

The Sellstate Advisor Onboarding Package

The most complete version of the Sellstate Advisor Onboarding Package. Everything you need to go through the entire process of setting up a new Advisor with your office. This list should be taken and divided up among your team with a checklist for each step to ensure nothing is missed.

Sellstate Advisor Onboarding Package

Recruiting by Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly, Manager of fast-growing Sellstate Next Generation Realty in Ocala, FL, shared his recruiting strategies.

Greg Kelly – Prospecting

Pioneer Program

The Sellstate Pioneer Program Explained. This innovative program creates a foundation for explosive office growth.

Pioneer Presentation

Recruiting with Power Suite

Power Suite Presentation Example –
Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation – Power Suite Presentation

Ebooks for Managers

Be sure to check out our Ebooks for Managers section. Some of these Ebooks contain incredible recruiting tips to grow into the mega-office of your dreams.

Editable Transaction Check

As part of your recruiting efforts, you can show potential agents just how much they would be making at Sellstate by using our customizable Transaction Check. Simply input the potential agents’ information and a sample commission amount, then include this in your marketing correspondence.