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Getting Started

In order to take advantage of the Sellstate & Zillow Strategic Alliance and increase your consumer reach to over 100,000,000 visitors a month, all you have to do is activate your profile on Zillow.com using the same email address on file with your MLS.

*Note: If you are a manager of a recently opened Sellstate office and you’re looking to add your office to the data feed that increases your reach to over 100,000,000 consumers, click here.

activate your zillow profile

*Note: You will be redirected to Zillow.com where you can create a new account. In order to take advantage of all the benefits that come with the Sellstate and Zillow Strategic Alliance, you must create your account using the same email address on file with your MLS. If you already have an account with Zillow, you can edit your current profile and add the email address on file with your MLS. This will automatically activate all of the features.

The Sellstate & Zillow Strategic Alliance Includes:

– All of Sellstate’s listings syndicated directly from the MLS to Zillow

– Listing updates multiple times a day ensuring that the information is always accurate and up to date

– Increased consumer reach by 100,000,000 people per month combined with Homes.com

– Watermark of Sellstate logo on all Sellstate listing photos for increased brand awareness within the marketplace and nationwide

– Top placement in contact form for Sellstate Real Estate Advisors

– Sellstate Real Estate Advisors noted as “LISTING AGENT” in contact form

– Discounts on the initial purchase of the Zillow Premier Agent Program for Sellstate Real Estate Advisors who would like to take their marketing further. Contact Zillow’s sales team (866-324-4005) and ask about “Sellstate’s Referral Discount” for details.

Direct Contact Information:
Dave Ronquillo
Phone: (949) 398-1720
Email: [email protected]

– Free In-Market Zillow Productivity Training on a multitude of topics