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How Do I Make Sure My Listings are Properly Associated?

After you’ve set up your IDX configuration within your Power Suite website, it is important that you do the following to ensure that your listings are properly associated with your account. To do this, please complete the following steps:
– Log into your Power Suite account.
– Click the “My Account” dropdown at the top right of the page.
– Choose “Account Settings”
– Click the “Contact Info” tab
– In the first section titled “Contact Information”, enter your IDX Code in the field titled “IDX Code”.
– Click the “Save” button at the top of the page.

Your IDX code is your unique identifier with your local MLS. This varies from board to board. It could be your license number, you MLS login username, or another unique identifier. It is whatever code that uniquely identifies your listings with your MLS.

How Do I Add Photos To My Listings?

Some boards place a limit on the number of photos synced to third parties. With Sellstate’s Power Suite, you can manually add additional photos to your listings. The additional photos will reflect on your own personal website, as well as on

You can use this feature to improve the placement of your listings on lists search results beginning with listings with the most photos. By manually adding more photos to your listings, they will appear higher in the search results.

To add more photos to your listings, complete the following steps:
– Log into your Power Suite account.
– Click the “Apps” dropdown found at the top of your screen.
– Click the “Listings” app
– Click “Listings” from this page
– Click the “Select an Action” dropdown next to the listing you want to add photos to, and choose “Edit Listing”
– Scroll down to IDX/MLS Information and under MLS Sync Method, choose “Update Only Price and Status”
– Click the “Save Listing” button at the top of the page.
– Click the “Photos” tab
– Upload your additional photos, then click the “Save Listing” button at the top of the page.

Now your listing on your site, your office’s site, and will appear with the additional photos you’ve added. If/when you make price and status adjustments on your MLS, they will sync over; however, your additional photos will remain as you uploaded them and will not be overwritten by MLS rules.