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The 7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Plan is Failing

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Marketing is a critical instrument in every realtor’s arsenal, however are you effectively applying this tool?

Social Media Expert, Gail Z. Martin’s book: 30 Days to Social Media Success provides a comprehensive guide to receiving maximum value out of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In a new social media series, Sellstate’s blog will be sharing social media advice that can be utilized to increase your online presence!

Below are Martin’s 7 most common reasons why the majority of marketing plans fail:

-No Planning:

Most marketing efforts fail because there is no link between the marketing actions and the bottom-line goals that drive revenue. Marketing without a plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

-Inappropriate Actions:

If there is no plan, then whatever marketing actions that are taken may conflict with each other. It’s unlikely they’ll reinforce each other or support a business plan goal.

-Lack of Clarity About the Target Market:

Mass marketing is dead. Blasting out marketing without a clear target is wasteful and unsuccessful. You can’t hit a target if you haven’t identified it.

-Lack of Clear Goals:

Not only do your marketing actions need to be linked to specific business goals, but each marketing action should be measurable.

-Unreasonable expectations:

A single press release isn’t likely to create a big spike in sales. One advertisement probably won’t save your company, so It’s important to have a realistic expectations.

-Unclear on how marketing works:

With the Internet, new tools are emerging almost daily and you’ll need to know how to blend New Media and Web 2.0 tools with traditional marketing to succeed in today’s marketplace. Understanding what makes marketing tick is essential whether you’re doing it yourself or delegating it to someone else.

-Insufficient patience:

Did you know that marketing research shows that it takes between seven to 30 “touches” to make a sale? Customers won’t buy until they have an urgent need. Until then, all you can do is create name recognition and a good reputation. That’s the value of the Rule of 30.

Stay tuned for the next update to this series!

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Chief Operating Officer

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