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Two Ways to Login to Power Suite

Attention Sellstate Advisors:

Please be advised that when logging into your Homes/Power Suite profile, be careful logging into your account when clicking the orange “My Account” button on the top right of

When you try logging in from here, a window will prompt you to sign up for
screenshot of sign up for MYHomes

But if you already have an account, please click on the small text be;ow that says “Already a member?”: sign up

Once you click on “Already a member?” it should lead you to this page to log in as you normally would:
screenshot of log in for MyHomes

Alternatively, you can also log in alternatively by Going to or Sellstate Source:
screenshot sellstate log in

It should then show you two buttons to click, choose the first as seen below:
screenshot sellstate powersuite

Once you click on Power Suite, the login page will look like this – log in as normal:
screenshots sign in to homes connect