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Zillow’s Partnership with Leju Gives You Direct Access to Chinese Buyers


Sellstate’s ever-expanding relationship with Zillow reaps constant benefits for our real estate advisers and managers. The Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Zillow recently announced that the company will be powering U.S. real estate searches for Leju, the leading Chinese real estate platform.

The Leju company operates several real estate and home-furnishing sites, as well as mobile applications that services over 250 cities in China.

Benefits as a Sellstate member:

-Access to a new population of affluent buyers

-Expanded reach for listing agents

-This partnership enables Sellstate agents to connect with more buyers and sellers in more places, both within the U.S. and abroad

Zillow’s Chief Marketing Officer Amy Bohutinsky made this statement about the recent development:

“Chinese home shoppers represent an untapped opportunity not only to U.S. sellers, but to agents and brokers as well. Chinese home buyers spent $22 billion in the U.S. last year – nearly doubling what they spent in the previous year – and this co-branded site will make it easy for them to not only find the U.S. home of their dreams, but also connect with a local real estate professional who can help make that dream a reality. We are excited to offer this opportunity to the thousands of brokers and agents who choose to market their listings on Zillow.”

Leju’s Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Yinyu He made this statement:

“We are pleased to offer Leju visitors the opportunity to have unparalleled access to the number one real estate website in the U.S.,” “For Chinese buyers who are looking to invest in the U.S. market, we now provide easy access to a comprehensive amount of listings, which will simplify the remote house hunting experience”.

For U.S. homes, Chinese buyers represent the largest population of foreign buyers, having spent $22 billion on U.S. real estate purchases last year. By Leju providing this audience direct access to the U.S. market through their leading real estate site, we’re opening an entirely new channel to drive revenue to agents and brokers whose listings appear on Zillow.

In 2013, the median price of the homes Chinese buyers purchased was approximately $523,148, with 76 percent of purchases reported as all-cash purchases.

To take full advantage of this untapped market, you will need an account with Zillow:

Zillow Registration (Quick and Free)


#1. Click link below and choose the New Account Tab:

#2. Input the same email associated with your MLS.

#3. Upload a photo of yourself on the account page.

#4. Complete!

For more information on the Zillow/Leju deal, click the link below:

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Chief Operating Officer

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