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Two authorities in real estate have come together to create an unsurpassable system. Co-founded by two of the top real estate professional in North America with over 60 years of combined experience, Sellstate’s model is designed to empower both brokers and agents. Arthur Darmanin’s brokerage growth strategies and Neil Cresswell’s 7-figure producing real estate tactics combine to create the most innovative model in real estate. Sellstate Realty is a very unique franchise system. Unlike most franchises, which focus on adapting behavior of its members to fit into a certain mold, Sellstate focuses on empowering brokers and agents by providing a plethora of services. From the smallest brokerage that is just starting out and trying to get themselves established to multi office, 100+ agent operations, Sellstate is able to provide the tools, services and expertise to bring your company to the next level. The same level of care is present at the agent level where Sellstate provides the tools, training and services to enable a new agent to get their career started while at the same time having the expertise and systems to also assist agents closing over 100 deals a year take their business to an even higher level. Bringing a unique blend of High Commission, Breakthrough Technology and Revenue Sharing to the real estate industry, it’s no wonder RIS Media’s Real Estate Magazine labeled Sellstate as “the world’s first complete real estate system”!

Arthur Darmanin, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Arthur Darmanin has more than thirty-three years of experience in the Real Estate industry with over twenty-nine years combined managerial experience at the Broker and Regional Franchisor levels. Darmanin successfully managed several real estate offices before opening his own. Within three years he expanded to four very successful offices which controlled 51% market share. He then joined a 100% commission concept franchise and within two years, purchased the regional franchise rights to a territory which he successfully developed in a very short period of time. This extraordinary success led to an executive position on the corporate team where he managed 80 franchises with over 3000 salespeople in addition to maintaining his own regional territory. Experienced in all facets of real estate including being a sales person, broker, instructor, former board president, franchisee and franchisor, Art Darmanin is involved in all aspects of the business concentrating on the design and continuous evolution of the Sellstate system, franchising, brokers support, administration, marketing programs, and promotions. Highlights:
  • Over 35 years of experience in real estate
  • Member of the executive team of one of the largest real estate companies in North America, managing thousands of agents and brokerages
  • Built a successful region from the ground up
  • Served as President of his association
  • Managed his first real estate brokerage 2 years into his career
  • As an independent broker, built the large brokerage in his market area with 6 offices in just 3 short years
  • Member of O.R.E.A. Faculty of Education
  • Co-founder and CEO of Sellstate

Neil Cresswell, President and Co-founder

Neil Cresswell has more than twenty-five years in the real estate industry. His career has been extremely impressive to say the least. Having started real estate in his early twenties, Neil immediately rose to the top in sales for his entire area and quickly became one of Canada’s top real estate executives. Almost immediately after beginning his career, Cresswell became a broker/owner and eventually partnered in with Arthur Darmanin in the city’s most successful office before taking control on his own. By age 28 and having already surpassed the accomplishments of most in the industry, he purchased regional rights for the second largest real estate company in Canada in the nation’s largest metropolitan city. After enjoying all the success that he could in Canada, Neil moved to Florida and quickly became one of the leading Realtors in the United States. His continued success as a Realtor, broker, owner and regional owner lead him to co-create Sellstate with his longtime friend and business associate, Arthur Darmanin. Neil is involved with every aspect of Sellstate and has a personal mission to help brokers and agents achieve their highest goals with an eye toward developing a culture to exceed customer expectations. Neil Cresswell spends a large amount of the year traveling the country to support and educate brokers and agents. Highlights:
  • Over 25 years of experience in real estate
  • Carried an average inventory of 200+ non-REO listings
  • Single-handedly outperformed entire brokerages
  • National Trainer
  • Immediately rose to the top in sales for his area and proceeded to become one of the top Realtors in the country
  • Regional Franchisor of one of the largest Franchises in North America
  • Member of O.R.E.A. Faculty of Education
  • Co-founder and President of Sellstate

Michael Darmanin, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Darmanin is the Chief Operating Officer for Sellstate. Unlike the other members of the Executive Team, Michael’s background does not come from real estate. He graduated with an Honours Baccalaureate in Commerce with Specialization in Marketing from the University of Ottawa, School of Management. Having attended one of the top four-year business schools in Canada with International accreditations, Michael is well versed in a wide array of business techniques and strategies. Prior to his studies in the areas of management and marketing, Michael spent two years at the University of Ottawa studying in Computer and Electrical Engineering. The combined passion for marketing and engineering is what makes him the perfect candidate to lead Sellstate’s technological innovations. Since joining Sellstate in 2006, Darmanin has spearheaded the development and implementation of many of the technological and marketing advancements including Power Suite, brand image, web-site design, training programs, culture, strategic analytic planning, cloud based integration and is central to the current social media strategy.


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