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Hashtag Management with kvCORE is soon to be your new best friend!

Hashtags are kvCORE’s version of labels within the Smart CRM. They can be used to organize your contact list for quick filtering and communication, trigger one or more additional actions within kvCORE, and more.

There is no limit on how many total hashtags (labels) you are able to create within your kvCORE account or how many you apply to an individual contact. They can be manually created or set up to automatically apply to specific contacts, like New Leads, as they are added to your Smart CRM.


Hashtags At A Glance

All user types are able to create hashtags, but only Company and Office Admins are able to see all users’ hashtags within the kvCORE account. For more information on user roles, click here.


Most users will view their hashtags within the Smart CRM. Contacts with hashtags applied will display those labels right under their name when viewing the contacts table in the Smart CRM.


Hashtags also display in the left column within a contact’s record and can be added to a particular contact from this section as well.


For more information on adding and applying hashtags, click here.


When using the Smart CRM “Filters” button to sort through your contacts, hashtags are an option to filter by.


It is common for Agents to use hashtags to label their contacts with their search preferences, financial status, and “warmth level” (like #HotBuyer or #ColdLead) for future communication efforts. You may also wish to use hashtags with property addresses to label any open house leads you generate, like #123MainStOH (OH stands for Open House).


TIP: If you use the kvCORE Open House app all contacts will automatically have a property address hashtag applied when synced from the app to your kvCORE Smart CRM for easy filtering. For more information on the Open House app, click here.


You can filter for #Pool or #TwoBeds to send out an open house or new listing announcement for a property matching those contacts’ criteria. You could also send out a newsletter or other engagement-type communication to contacts with a #ColdLead, #Dead_Prospect, or #PTA label to begin a conversation with them.


Hashtags can also be used to indicate where they are within a certain Status. For more information on contact statuses, click here. For example, when a contact is moved to the Contract status you can use hashtags to label them as #In_Escrow, #Disclosures, #Still_Needs_To_Sign, or #Contingencies, among many others.


Using Hashtags As Triggers

While the main use of hashtags is within the Smart CRM as labels, there are a few other ways to use hashtags in a way that triggers one or more other actions for kvCORE to do with that particular contact.


Triggering Smart Campaigns

Hashtags can be used to trigger Smart Campaigns which removes a manual step on your end and makes your business process even more efficient.


This is great when working in niche markets because the leads generated from your niche sources will most likely need a specific Smart Campaign versus the default buyer or seller campaigns because they do not apply in that circumstance.


When building or editing a Smart Campaign, you will have the option to choose a Trigger. Triggers tell kvCORE if and when to automatically apply a campaign to a contact if that contact’s record matches the criteria. For more information on Smart Campaigns, click here.


If you decide to use the ‘Hashtag Is’ trigger, that Smart Campaign will automatically apply to any contacts that you manually add that hashtag to.


If you choose an Advanced Trigger that uses a hashtag to match with the contacts that flow into your Smart CRM, kvCORE will add that campaign to the matching contact record(s).


Please Note: Using a hashtag to trigger a smart campaign will not make the campaign retroactively apply to existing contacts with that hashtag. It only applies to new contacts moving forward.


When setting up a hashtag trigger you can create a brand new hashtag right then; you are not limited to pre-existing hashtags. Simply type in the new hashtag and press ‘Enter’.


Triggering Search Alerts

Hashtags can also be used to trigger Search Alerts which allows you to proactively create Search Alert criteria for leads generated by a specific source or interested in a particular area that will automatically apply and run once those New Leads hit your Smart CRM.


Navigate to your ‘Marketing’ tab from the main navigation and click on the Search Alerts tile. You will see the option to create a new default Search Alert along with any previous alerts you have set up.



Investing a few minutes in setting up a default search here up front will keep you from a lot of manual time and effort down the road. For instance, if you have a Landing Page or Squeeze Page that generates leads interested in a particular property or area, you can create a search alert that uses the criteria of that property or market area to send them similar listings and keep them engaged.


You would need to set up your Landing Page or Squeeze Page to automatically apply a hashtag to the leads that are registering and then use that same hashtag to trigger the default Search Alert to apply to those leads.


For more information on creating search alerts, click here.


Automated Hashtags

Hashtags are a main staple within kvCORE and multiple tools use hashtags to either automatically categorize the leads you are generating or to specify a unique group of contacts.


Hashtag Management

Hashtag management will give you the opportunity to view and edit all hashtags in use in your Smart CRM, allow you to merge hashtags and even mass delete hashtags that you no longer wish to use. Hashtag management makes it easier to mass email/text contacts assigned to a particular tag and provides the tools necessary to fully manage your hashtags.


How to Access Hashtag Management

To access hashtag management first navigate to the ‘Marketing’ tab from the main navigation. Then click ‘View Hashtags’ on the ‘Hashtag Management’ tile.


After entering the Hashtag Management tile, you will first see a complete list of hashtags assigned to the contacts within your CRM.


To learn more about Hashtag Management, click here.


Tools That Auto-Apply Hashtags

Please Note: This list contains commonly used tools that utilize hashtags, but it is not exhaustive.


Tools That Incorporate Hashtags

Please Note: This list contains commonly used tools that utilize hashtags, but it is not exhaustive.