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High Commission | Breakthrough Technology | Revenue Sharing


Learn More About Us

Our Sellstate Experience Brochure outlines the value proposition of the Sellstate brand. Utilize this marketing tool within your local and social media initiatives to effectively prospect top agents and clients. This is a great tool for our offices to use for recruiting new Real Estate Advisors, and it’s an incredible tool for our current Real Estate Advisors to use to grow their AAD program.


Have Your Office Build Itself

Imagine having the freedom to enjoy life while your business continues to grow. Your agents are your best recruiters. They just need a reason to help your office grow. Sellstate’s sponsoring program coupled with high commissions will ensure that everyone takes part in the growth of your office.

Unlike most brokerages that are either heavily broker or agent bias, Sellstate looks to harmonize the relationship between broker and agents and have everyone benefit from the growth of the office.


Sellstate Power Suite – The Most Complete Technology Package in Real Estate

Sellstate affords you the ability to provide your agents the industry’s leading technology package, Power Suite, as part of your value proposition. Power Suite allows your agents to remain in control of their business whether they are out of the office or traveling the globe. Our single-login, cloud-based technology platform keeps their leads, tools and contacts at their fingertips no matter where they are. Your agents will enjoy the freedom of being able to grow their business from anywhere in the world.

What’s more is that Sellstate Power Suite is easy to use and gives you everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Some highlighted features of Sellstate’s Power Suite include:

  • CRM with automated newsletter
  • Advanced demographics mobile optimized IDX enabled website
  • Complete marketing center
  • Neighborhood demographic reports
  • Social media integration
  • Buyer Tour and Seller CMAs
  • Plus so much more…

Revenue Sharing Simplified

A challenge in real estate is the lack of security and retirement. Sellstate provides simplified revenue sharing for yourself and your agents with the industry’s premier revenue sharing program. Simple and effective, Sellstate’s AAD Program has a payout average of $1,200/month with some members earning over $20,000 in a single month!


  • »Nothing like it in the industry
  • »Earn additional income
  • »5% sponsoring bonus
  • »Earn financial independence


  • »Have peace of mind
  • »Disability insurance
  • »Health care
  • »Earn if you don’t have a closing


  • »AAD monthly payout average is around $ 1,200
  • »The program is vested
  • »Finally have a retirement plan
  • »Enjoy your rewards from your career

Scale your Business

Administration, along with the high costs and time-consuming back office software, can be the nemesis of today’s brokerage business detracting from the manager’s main duties of recruiting and supporting agents.

Sellstate addresses these issues by providing cutting edge CP technology and streamlining your office for efficiency.


Expert Guidance and Coaching

Building a real estate organization cannot be a hit or miss affair. Sellstate’s system allows you to leverage your business through the knowledge of others by providing you with guidance from some of the industry’s top professionals.

Many companies focus exclusively on agent training. While Sellstate has all the systems and programs in place for great agent training we also feel that it’s important that the office leadership receive just as much attention and coaching. You will be well prepared to operate and grow your business.


Professional Marketing and Design

Building a brand means having a consistent, professional image across all marketing materials and staying top of mind with agents and consumers.

Sellstate offers a proven, professionally designed and developed solution for your office’s marketing efforts.


Online Optimization

Sellstate provides an impactful and diverse internet marketing strategy consisting of optimized, mobile-friendly websites, coupled with established and active social media profiles. Your real estate business will benefit from having increased exposure and brand awareness.


Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re looking for the absolute guide in taking your business to the next level you have come to the right place! Our book, Own It, takes you through the process of running a real estate brokerage covering everything from starting up to managing and scaling a mega-office.

For your free copy of Own It, please click the link.