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Marketing Materials

marketing materials

Marketing Materials to Help You Recruit

In this section, you can find several pieces of marketing material that will help you recruit. From postcards to email, social media, and Craigslist ads, this page contains downloads that will jump start your recruiting. Additionally, you will find information regarding custom requests if your office has a need for a specific ad type. Click here to view the marketing order form.

Downloading Recruiting Template Pack 1

Click here to download the Recruiting Template Pack 1.
Recruiting Template Collage

Downloading Recruiting Template Pack 2

Click here to download the Recruiting Template Pack 2.

Downloading Recruiting Template Pack 3

Click here to download the Recruiting Template Pack 3.
recruiting template pack 3

Downloading Recruiting Template Pack 4

Click here to download the Recruiting Template Pack 4.
recruiting template pack 4

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Custom Requests

Are you having an event or do you have a specific campaign idea in mind? Then, you can take advantage of our complimentary custom ad creation service provided to our offices. All you need to do to get a custom ad created is email Sellstate’s Marketing Studio at marketing(at)sellstatecorporate(dotted)com.

Please include the following information:
– Type of Ad (print, web, craigslist, etc.)
– If certain dimensions are required, please specify (8.5?x11?, 4?x6?, etc.)
– If there are color restrictions, please specify
– ALL AD CONTENT: This is very important. Please provide all the text content you require for your ad.

By providing all the necessary information up front, back-and-forth communication and revision time is significantly reduced and decreases the time it takes to turn your project around.

*Note: Allow 10-14 business days for all custom ad requests that provide all the information above. If any of this information isn’t provided in the initial request, turnaround time increases. Please take this into consideration when planning an event, marketing campaign, or ad purchase.

More Ads

Direct-to-Agent Lead Generation

Consumer Ads

Dream Home Ad

Consumer Handout

Other Templates

Email and Postcard Templates

*Note: Each print-ready zip file contains PDF with front and reverse sides; only address information on reverse side may be altered.