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Facebook Tips to Grow an Online Real Estate Presence


Facebook is the world’s largest social network, which provides a platform for both business professionals and brands to connect to their respective audience. Followers and members of business groups have the ability to interact with their favorite pages— Just make sure that your company is publishing content that ignites their interaction.

Keep in the mind the following for future content updates:

If you want more engagement, post relevant photos! Research shows that photos account for 93% of brand interaction.

Keep posts short and sweet! Data reveals that posts under 250 words get more engagement than longer posts.

It’s important to reply to comments ASAP! When visitors congratulate (or even criticize) posts, take the time to respond.

Remember to include a high-resolution photo of yourself to use as your avatar.

Post messages at least once daily, but avoid under- and over-posting, as that generally leads to low engagement.

Post during peak hours to maximize exposure of your message content.

Look below at a sample post from Sellstate’s Facebook page:
Facebook Post

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