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Sellstate Project: REsupply

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Here at Sellstate, we value education.

We’re so happy to see our event at the end of 2015 for Toys for Tots was an enormous success – it’s amazing to see how much we spread the holiday cheer from offices nationwide!

Now we want to do that again, but this time helping out local elementary schools. As we approach the middle of the school year, supplies are running low from the start of the year, and we want to step up to the plate to make sure kids still have what they need to get through to the last day of school.

We are hosting a School REsupply Drive to try and help local kids in our area – we would like other offices nationwide to do the same as well in their location.

a student holding a pencil

Here are some steps to help you get started on your supply drive:

  • Find your local elementary school that is closest to your office or in the most need
  • Contact the school, explain you want to donate supplies and ask who to be directed to
  • Get a list of the most needed supplies, decide whether they pick up or you drop off
  • Inform your office to share this information about the drive with friends & family that your office is a drop off
  • Post on social media that your office is a drop off location
  • Gather supplies until the end of February 29, 2016 – have the school pick up or drop off over there

It’s important that you ask what they need most, because at some places it may surprise you it’s not always pencils and pens; we actually got a request for socks & underwear – some of the kids either can’t afford it or have accidents during school and need to change into something clean.

We can’t wait to gather supplies together to donate, we’re hoping other offices will follow our direction and host a drive as well for their local elementary school as well.

Here is an example flyer with instructions you can print out and show the office.
If you would like a personalized flyer for your office location please email: marketing(at)sellstatecorporate(dotted)com

michael darmanin | author Michael Darmanin
Chief Operating Officer

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