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Sellstate’s Power Suite Featured in RIS Media


RIS Media, residential real estate’s definitive source for news and information, has published an article highlighting Sellstate’s investment in their agents by partnering with home search giant to create the industry’s most complete and comprehensive technology package, the Sellstate Power Suite.

See the full article below.

Spending Money to Make Money. CEO Invests in Homes Connect to Power Sellstate Network

After a successful career as a regional director and owner at a Canadian real estate firm, Arthur Darmanin felt there was a better way to succeed in the real estate franchise business. Consequently, he relocated to Florida to launch the Fort Meyers-based Sellstate Realty in 2002, along with his partner Neil Cresswell.

“I felt the approach to the real estate business was kind of archaic,” Darmanin explains. “The first thing we did was set up a centralized process so that we could process commissions electronically.” Traditionally an administrative headache for brokers and managers, it became a cornerstone of Sellstate, allowing them to focus on building the business and supporting their agents.

“We view our agents as our greatest asset,” explains Darmanin. “We strive to help our agents close more deals and become better at what they do through training, and especially in today’s world, by utilizing the right tools.”

Following up on the simple, yet innovative idea to supply agents with the necessary tools, Darmanin and Cresswell decided to make a major investment in order to dramatically augment productivity.

“We view our agents as our greatest asset…”

“To succeed in today’s market you need several things,” says Darmanin, “such as a website with IDX, a CRM, a listing presentation, a buyer presentation, social media, listing integration, enhanced listings on the major sites, just to name a few. When we surveyed our top producers, we discovered that their biggest issue was not having all these components in one place. Our goal was to get a package that accommodates all these critical elements and our research clearly revealed that the industry’s best solution was’s Homes Connect marketing platform.”

Darmanin and Cresswell partnered with to create a custom-branded version of the Homes Connect marketing platform known as the Sellstate Power Suite. This custom-branded platform provides the firm’s agents with one-stop technology with a single log-in, and a single information input, allowing agents to create a comprehensive package for clients. Agents can also use Power Suite to generate and manage leads, and as their online CRM.

According to Darmanin, “Power Suite includes a neighborhood reports feature, so agents are able to not only create a listing presentation, but also a 35-page neighborhood demographic report. We know that this feature will differentiate our agents during a listing presentation and help them win listings and ultimately close more deals.”

Through Power Suite, Sellstate’s agents can now create a report that is customized to every client, instead of just a standard CMA and generic presentation. With the click of the mouse, they can prepare a brochure, postcards, and an entire marketing package in 15 minutes, before ever going to see the client.

“…we have all the confidence that it will help us continue to expand and grow.”

Rounding out the Power Suite program is a CRM tool that enables Sellstate’s agents to automatically stay in touch with the client, even allowing them to integrate their social media.

These powerful and abundant advantages make Darmanin happy to pay for Power Suite (Homes Connect marketing platform from on behalf of his agents.

“The Sellstate philosophy has always been to differentiate ourselves, and we are doing so through monopolizing the fact that we are agent-centric,” adds Darmanin. “So far, we are pleased with our relationship with and we have all the confidence that it will help us continue to expand and grow.”

For more information on’s Homes Connect marketing platform, please visit

(via RIS Media)

Sellstate Realty Systems Network, Inc. is the most technologically advanced real estate companies in North America. Powered by exclusive C.P. Technology, our franchises are not burdened with back office administration allowing our members to take the time necessary to properly support the needs of the buyers and sellers.

As part of our beliefs, we strive to ensure that all of our agents operate at the most elite level of real estate professionalism. Buyers and sellers can take comfort in knowing that they will be working with a licensed agent of utmost quality and expertise.

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