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Sellstate’s Power Suite Gives Offices Cutting Edge Online Reputation Manager

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Sellstate is dedicated to ensuring that our offices and Real Estate Advisors stay ahead of the competition, especially on the internet. With all of the social networks, review sites, and directories, it can be difficult to manage your online presence and reputation. We are pleased to announce that Sellstate solves the daunting task of monitoring and managing online office reputations by expanding our Power Suite with an incredible online Reputation Manager!

Sellstate Managers, Brokers, and Office Owners will be able to check reviews others have left, be alerted to mentions of their office on websites and blogs, and compare their online footprint against their competitors. This gives Sellstate offices an unheard of advantage in the online arena.

“This gives Sellstate offices an unheard of advantage in the online arena.”

After initial setup, our office will be presented with their online visibility report within 48-72 hours. With 50 of the most popular social networks, review sites, directories, and real estate websites being monitored, our offices have access to a complete overview of their online visibility and reputation. Updating the office information on an online directory or responding to comments left on websites will now be as simple as a click of a button.

Additionally, offices can use their Power Suite Reputation Manager to quickly run an analysis on our Real Estate Advisors’ online share of voice and see how they compare to other top agents in the area.

Unlike the competition, Real Estate Advisors that work with a Sellstate office will not have to worry about their personal reputations being tarnished due to potential negativity associated with their office online. Our Sellstate Real Estate Advisors can be confident that their office’s online reputation is being monitored and properly kept up to date.

We are extremely excited to announce that the new Reputation Manager is now available to every Sellstate office!

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