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Sellstate Increases Time on Site an Amazing 1,700% Through Unified Database Strategy


At the 2013 Sellstate Leadership Summit, we covered many of the Sellstate’s recent technical achievements. Beyond the online video milestones we’ve highlighted in previous posts, Sellstate has also made great strides in the key areas of website traffic and time on site.

Even with the popularity of social networking sites and online video, it is important to focus on having a solid website as the foundation of an extensive web presence. To further enhance our foundation Sellstate launched an entirely new website strategy that quickly evolved into our most successful web platform to date.

“Sellstate’s web analytics show that the monthly average time on site has increased dramatically from 8 hours to 136 hours – an incredible 1,700%!”

By building our website architecture around a unified database, we have been able to create a website that intelligently manages, sorts, and displays content across our consumer (, recruiting (, and agent/manager resource ( & sites.

This not only benefits our visitors with a seamless, cohesive experience, but it is also favorable to search engines, particularly Google. Instead of having several small, targeted sites, Google views Sellstate’s web property as a large, dynamic, and authoritative website. This allows Sellstate’s content to rank well in search engine results, leading to more traffic and more branding.

But simply having a single, authoritative website is not the only focus. Our web platform is specially designed to house high quality content on a regular basis. acts as our blog and latest news stream which also intelligently sorts and populates content on and where appropriate. This allows our material to be accessed by visitors exactly where they expect it to be.

In addition to proper placement, our database has been structured with interactivity in mind. There is a deep level of Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, integration. Visitors can view, comment, and share our content simply using their Facebook account. There is no need for additional registration, account creation or login information. Additionally, we’ve included sharing links for Google+ and Twitter for further interaction.

Combining a search-engine preferred site architecture, high quality content, and a deep level of social interaction, Sellstate’s web platform is built perfectly for a high level of growth and the numbers prove this.

Since the launch of our latest web platform, Sellstate’s web analytics show that the monthly average time on site has increased dramatically from 8 hours to 136 hours – an incredible 1,700%!

Web Analytics Time on Site

Our visitors are staying on our site and enjoying our high-quality content for longer than ever thanks to Sellstate’s bold internet strategy. As this is towards the beginning of our strategic implementation this number will only increase in the future as we have several additions and enhancements planned.

The material in this article was first presented during the Sellstate Leadership Summit which took place October 23rd and 24th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please keep an eye out as we continue to share more details regarding the content presented during the two day event.

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